We hope you'll find this an enjoyable and useful way of making the most of the harvest.

Please try these out, comment on them, let us know how you got on with them, alternatives you'd suggest and so on. If you could include pictures of your meals, that would be great.

Even better, contribute recipes of your own. We ask that you only submit recipes:

Spring/summer mixed vegetables/salad

Beans with tomatoes & onions

Black bean casserole

Bok choy caesar salad

Broad bean & spring onion risotto


Cheese & spring onion rolls 

Chow chow

Ciabotta (summer vegetable stew)


Corn chowder 

Corn & tomato frittata

Courgette, tomato, and gnocchi bake

Courgette & tomato fritatta

Gado gado

Gardener's soup 


Gnocchi with courgette, spring onion & mascarpone 

Gnocchi gratin with greens

Green rice

Green salad with chickpeas & buckwheat

Greens & mushrooms with toast

Grilled potato & courgette salad with romesco dressing 

Kale gnocchi with balsamic tomatoes

Keralan runner bean curry

Pasta salad with courgette, Parmesan, chilli, & mint 

Pea, courgette & mint soup 

Pea & spring onion risotto

Potato and tomato tatin

Radish & pea orzo salad

Radish & ricotta toasts

Roast summer vegetables with a basil-tahini sauce

Roasted vegetables & couscous 

Salade nicoise

Sauteed cauliflower and green beans with almonds and tofu

Spinach & asparagus soup

Spinach, leek & potato soup

Spring broth with spelt 

Spring greens, halloumi and red lentil curry

Spring veg & noodle salad

Stir fried cabbage with carrot & tofu

Summer vegetable paella

Summer vegetable pasta

Summer vegetable pizza 

Summer vegetable quiche

Summer vegetable risotto

Ten minute meal

Tomato, courgette & corn galette 

Tomato and green bean sevai

Tomato orzo pasta with roast courgette

Torta pasqualina


Vegetable bake

Vegetable chilli

Vegetable & prawn stir fry 

Veggie "meat" balls with tomato courgetti

White bean soup with pesto herb dumplings

Warm vegetable salad