We grow fresh, healthy and seasonal vegetables in an environmentally-friendly way in South Leicestershire.

If you're bothered about where your food comes from, who produced it and how far it traveled to reach your plate, you can switch to more locally-grown produce.

We’re offering a 4 week trial for £35: you’ll get to collect a standard box of vegetables from the farm every week for 4 weeks at a total cost of £35 instead of our usual cost of £50.

Benefits for Crop-sharers include:

Fresh local food

A direct connection to the farm, and to the food on your plate

Community events and activities

New friendships and community spirit

Of course it’s also better for the environment too:

No chemicals

Fewer food miles

Very little packaging

Started in 2009 by Transition Leicester, Community Harvest Whetstone is a sustainable vegetable Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) co-operative.

With the help and co-operation of farmers Anthony and Sandra Herbert, we secured some land on their farm in Whetstone. We employ professional growers to grow fresh and healthy vegetables for people around the area.

The growers and membership decide how the scheme is run. We have a wide membership, made up of Crop-Sharing Members and Supporting Members. Veg shares are picked up weekly from either the farm or delivered where necessary, and members contribute their time to help grow the harvest.

To find out more or get involved, get in touch or apply to join online.

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