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Tofu & hoisin slaw tacos

Serves 4

I recently discovered a new food blog called the Sprouted Kitchen. It’s not new to the food blogging scene, and is obviously successful enough for the author & photographer duo to be publishing a cookbook.

This is a recipe that when I showed it to my OH, he wrinkled his nose in an ‘I’m not sure I really want to eat that’ kind of way. But, me being me, I made it anyway. Guesses about the contents (prior to tasting) ranged from paneer to pasta, and actually I think subbing the tofu for paneer would work brilliantly.



400g firm tofu
¾ tsp Chinese five spice
3 tblsp rice vinegar
2 cloves garlic
5cm piece ginger
1 pear (Asian if possible)
150g hoisin sauce
82g low fat plain yoghurt
5 green (spring) onions
1 head of cabbage (I used the pointy cabbage from the harvest on 11/08/12)
8 wholemeal tortillas


Anyway, enough prattle.

Here: you can download a short excerpt of the new book, which contains the recipe & instructions. You can also watch an adorable video of Sara actually making the dish, and she & her husband Hugh talking about the new cookbook.

In a weird way, it was really quite delicious. The rest of the book looks like it contains lots of dishes using fresh ingredients in interesting combinations, so might just well be on my Christmas list...


This recipe tastes even better made with vegetables from Community Harvest Whetstone :)
Tofu & hoisin slaw tacos close up