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Summer vegetable pizza

I used the vegetables I had in the fridge today; I'm sure they could be varied.

Serves 2 (or 1 very hungry person!)


Pizza dough: please see the recipe for Courgette and tapenade pizza for ingredients and directions.

For the tomato sauce:
Sunflower/olive oil for frying
1 onion, chopped
250g passata
A generous pinch of dried mixed herbs

For the topping:
Sunflower/olive oil for frying
1 courgette, sliced
125g bunch asparagus, chopped (hard ends removed)
3 spring onions, chopped
Handful of fresh basil leaves
Handful of pine nuts
2 tbsps grated Parmesan (you may also wish to put mozzarella on top of the pizza)


  1. Prepare the pizza dough according to the instructions for the Courgette and tapenade pizza.
  2. While the dough is rising, prepare the sauce: fry the onion until soft, and add the passata and herbs. Simmer gently for 45 mins to reduce the sauce.
  3. You also need to prepare the vegetables now: fry the spring onion, courgette, and asparagus until slightly browned. Don't overcook them- they're going to cook further in the oven. Once the heat is turned off throw the basil leaves in and stir.
  4. Once the dough has risen, roll it out and put it on your pizza tray. Pre-heat the oven to gas 7.
  5. Spread the tomato sauce over the pizza base and cover with the cooked vegetables. Sprinkle the pine nuts and cheese on top.
  6. Cook on the top shelf of the oven for 15-20 mins until golden brown. Enjoy!

This recipe tastes even better made with vegetables from Community Harvest Whetstone :)