Hilary Browne

Occupation:  Organic gardener/vegetable grower

Involvement in Transition Leicester/Community Harvest Whetstone:

Went along to a Transition Leicester ‘Food Group’ meeting about 18 months ago.  Met Dani who mentioned plans to set up a CSA.  Then found myself at a CSA meeting, where, it turned out the group were looking for growers for the project.  I hadn’t realised I was looking for a job, but couldn’t resist the temptation to look after a polytunnel full of vegetables!  The only problem is, it hasn’t left me much time to have other involvement with Transition Leicester.  (Hilary left the growing team in late 2015, although she is still a member of the committee)

Favourite CHW Vegetable:  Beetroot. Fantastic shape, fantastic colour, fantastic taste!  Also a very ‘down to earth’ vegetable.
Other interests

I’m an escaped nurse from the NHS.  Gained much of my vegetable growing experience from a French bio-dynamic market gardener, then spent a couple of years managing 10 polytunnels on a beautiful organic farm near Bath.