Cat Bellinger

Grower with CHW since summer 2016, Creative Artist, and Home Educator.

Involvement in CHW/how long have you been a crop sharer:
I've been involved in varying degrees since that first tour round the site at the beginning of time. Sometimes having a veg share, sometimes helping out with activities on community days, sometimes not being involved at all. 
I love it when other people come and get involved during community and harvest days, or want to come and do the odd voluntary day.
Favourite CHW Vegetable: 
Purple Kale "palm trees", and twisty Carrot people. I love seeing and using the non-standard veg that usually gets discarded when you buy conventionally.

Any other information:
I've been growing things in funny places since my first garden back when I was 8. Environment and person-friendly sustainability underpins everything I do.
In addition to growing, I enjoy cycling, cooking, crafts, computers, and several other things that don't begin with C.