Is Community Harvest Whetstone a veg box scheme?
No, it's a Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) scheme. *** More of an explanation of CSAs here?
Is the harvest organic?
The harvest is not certified organic, so we cannot use that description. However, we do not use man-made pesticides, fertilizers, GM seeds or other additives. *** Say some more about the benefits of the way CHW operates: community involvement, sustainable practices.
What community activities are there?
There are regular days working on the land; camping at the farm; shared meals & meetings *** what other activities?


Where is Community Harvest Whetstone based?
We're based at Whetstone Pastures Farm, about 8 miles south of Leicester city centre. Here's a map.
Do you deliver my harvest to me?
We do not currently offer delivery to your home or work.
For a small extra fee, we can deliver your harvest to (*** one of a few?) drop-off points, but you will need to make your own arrangements to collect it from there.
Alternatively, some of our crop sharers make their own arrangements to share harvest collections between them; that might work for you too.
OK, so where can I collect my harvest from?
The main place to collect it from is Whetstone Pastures Farm, which has the advantage that you can get involved in community activities at the farm. There is no extra charge for collecting from the farm.
However, if you can't make it to the farm, we also deliver to *** Need to check this. Friends Meeting House on Queens Road (*** and Eco House on Hinckley Road?). The delivery charge is on top of the  *** Not sure how much

How much

What harvest can I expect to receive?
The amount varies over the seasons, but here's what we had over the course of a year. You can expect something like this.
Does it include fruit as well as vegetables?
Right now we only grow vegetables. *** Do we want to say that very occasionally Sandra might include some spare fruit from the farm, but this is an occasional treat?
How much does it cost?
Normally, a standard share costs £32 per calendar month, payable quarterly (so £96 per quarter).
But we have a special introductory offer! Your first four weeks will only cost £22, instead of the £29.52 that four weeks would normally cost. That's four weeks for the price of three.
Hold on a minute; I thought you said it was £32 per month
Yes, it's £32 per calendar month, which is the same as £29.52 per four weeks.
How much extra does delivery to the drop-off points in Leicester cost?
*** Need to check this


I'm confused! What's all this about being an ordinary member, a crop-sharer or a shareholder? All I want is some veg!
*** Actually, I'm confused too!
Which membership is right for me?
  Crop sharer
 Shareholder Ordinary member
 What does it cost?
 £22 for the first 4 weeks, then £96 per quarter
£100 initial investment, returnable on request ???
 What do I get?
 A delicious, sustainably-produced, yada yada bag of  local vegetables every week
 Access to community events at the farm; anything else? ???Access to community events at the farm; anything else? ???


How can I join?
Please fill out this form and send it to us.
How can I contribute in other ways?
Community days, work the land, join the committee *** what other ways?
Is there a way I can get more of a feel about what the group is about? Maybe chat with members and ask questions?
Yes! You can like our Facebook page and join in the chat there.
I still have some questions: is there someone I can talk to?
Of course: feel free to ask xxx on yyy *** who is the contact for this?